Update from Broadband Summit

You my have seen in the news that Alex Chalk (MP for Cheltenham) held a broadband summit recently with BT, Virgin and Fastershire. Cheltenham 151 attended this and we pushed for our inclusion in the FTTC super-fast broadband roll-out.

The good news from this is that BT and Virgin are going to take another look at providing super-fast FTTC broadband to our area. Part of this will depend on demand from the community, so we’d be grateful if you could complete the survey Alex Chalk has set up here: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/1967725/broadbandsurvey

Fastershire have pledged that if the commercial providers conclude they are still unable to assist, they will make subsidised satellite broadband available for areas with broadband connection capacities of less than 2 Mbps, as part of their Universal Service Commitment to ensure 100% of Gloucestershire has access to a minimum 2 Mbps service by the end of this year. We know satellite isn’t idea due to usage caps and high latency, so we’ll continue to fight for FTTC from Fastershire.

In the meeting Fastershire acknowledged that the cost-per-property to update our cabinet was less than their average cost-per-property, even when only taking into account those of us who can’t get Virgin. They also said they were working to out-of-date information. With the help of Alex Chalk we’re hopeful that if the commercial operators won’t cover us then Fastershire won’t have a good reason for not including us.


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