Fastershire Stage 3

There is hope that Fastershire will include our cabinet in Stage 3 of their plans, although we’re not sure when phase 3 will start. Fastershire have told us:

“Stage 3 is dependent on negotiations being entered into by BT. We have raised our interest in beginning this process and are awaiting response. Due to Stage 3 relying on the commencement of negotiations, it isn’t possible at this stage to suggest a timeframe.”

It’s also dependant on BT quoting fastershire a simmilar figure to the £10k we were quoted. Fastershire said

“if they bid back their ability to deliver cab 151 for the sort of money they’ve talked to the community about then there shouldn’t be a problem”.

The Superfast Extension Programme provides funds for stages 3 and 4. Stage 3 represents a negotiation with BT to extend their existing contract, whereas Stage 4 relates to the new procurement of an additional contract which was awarded to Gigaclear (6,439 properties getting 1Gbps!) 


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