April 2016 Update


Virgin Media have recently completed roadworks to extend their cable network to just three houses on Manor Park, taken from a distribution point on Chargrove Lane:

Virgin Manor Park

We’re in touch with Virgin and are awaiting a response from them on what their plans are for Manor Park and if this can be extended to the rest of Manor Park / the Manor Farm development. Alex Chalk MP has also emailed Virgin asking to be copied in on any replies, which should hopefully ensure we at least get a response from them.

Fastershire / BT

Fastershire have asked BT to quote for enabling a number of cabinets (including ours), but have so far failed to receive a response from them.

Fastershire have said:

To try to get this going before the closure of the old state aid scheme,
we submitted a change request to BT to seek the costs of upgrading c. 70
cabinets (including Cheltenham 151) with the intention that they would be
brought into the existing contract.

We have yet to receive a written response and have had conflicting verbal
responses over whether a response will be provided.  As the state aid
provision has ceased for now and due to the almost year of waiting we’ve
assumed that this option is no longer available hence removing it as a
formal stage from the strategy.

…the new strategy retains the option to bring cabinets into the contract (subject to state aid).  But we have no way of compelling BT to respond.  There is no further encouragement required from our side.

…we’d welcome an approach to bring any remaining cabinet into the contract.

Alex Chalk’s office wrote to Openreach asking why they didn’t reply to Fastershire. Openreach replied claiming they did respond, Fastershire deny that this is the case.


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