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Vouchers could cover full cost of super-fast broadband

There is now a strong possibility we’ll be able to get super-fast broadband without having to contribute towards it.

What’s Changed
BT Openreach previously asked for a £9k contribution from the community towards providing us with fast broadband, which despite our best efforts we were unable to raise.

Openreach are now accepting the Government’s “Better Broadband” vouchers and it looks like there are enough of us with slow enough broadband to cover the full cost.

Out of the 36 new build properties on the Manor Farm development, we need at least 25 of us to pool our vouchers together for Openreach to fund a new cabinet, giving us fibre based broadband from a choice of suppliers (including BT, Sky, Plusnet etc.)

How Can I Help?
BT Openreach will bulk apply for the vouchers on our behalf. If you’re happy for your voucher to go towards BT providing us with fibre based broadband please complete the form below