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Community effort to fund Super-Fast Broadband

After a long investigation, we believe that if we want super fast broadband then the community need to fund the BT Openreach project.

We’ll update this post with more details soon, but an early insight is offered in the following news story about us:


Media Update

You can now watch Martin’s speech to parliament and listen to the BBC Radio Gloucestershire interviews with us on our YouTube Channel:

  • Martin Horwood MP raises the issue of missed cabinets in parliament. View Video
  • BBC Radio Gloucestershire interviews Cheltenham 151 and Marin Horwood ahead of his speech to Parliament. Includes an interview with a representative from Fastershire. Listen Here
  • BBC Radio Gloucestershire interview Cheltenham 151 and Marin Horwood about missed cabinets in Cheltenham. Listen Here
  • Clark from Cheltenham 151 on Sunday Politics West