BBC Radio Gloucestershire Interview

Campaign Featured on BBC Radio Gloucestershire

Our campaign got off to a fantastic start with being featured heavily on Claire Carter’s Saturday Breakfast Show for BBC Radio Gloucestershire on 13th September 2014.

Arranged earlier that week, their reporter Richard Lawson visited Clark and Matt to discuss the problems and aims of the group. We were then interviewed ready for the Breakfast Show whilst showing Richard that the BBC iPlayer does not allow us to use catch-up TV services.

During the Breakfast Show, we were featured heavily during the headline news with comments from Mr Martin Horwood MP and edited parts of the interview being played. A positive reaction was received to people sending messages to the show. However, it was disappointing to receive stock answers from both BT Openreach and Fastershire.

People are able to listen to the show for the next 6 days on the BBC iPlayer here (luckily our bandwidth is sufficient for radio shows!). We aim to have a transcript of the interviews available later this week.

We will be following up the interview to see if we are able to engage in discussions with BT Openreach directly.


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