Campaign Hits the Ground Running

On Sunday 21st September, our first leaflet drop was carried out to all residents connected to Cheltenham 151. This was to inform residents of the campaign and to ask them to register their interested for fibre optic broadband.

A total of 183 of our flyers were delivered to properties in:

  • Chargrove Lane
  • Aylton Close
  • Old Farm Drive
  • Holmer Crescent
  • Sefton Walk
  • Manor Park
  • Manor Farm Drive
  • Manor End
  • Aldershaw Close
  • The Hawthornes
  • Sedgewick Gardens

Whilst delivering the flyers (download a copy here), it gave us the opportunity to speak to residents who were out enjoying the lovely weather. Everyone we spoke to were supportive of our campaign with the majority of feedback being about either poor broadband service or that they want competition for their Virgin service. For those that we did not get to speak to, we welcome all residents to share their comments on our website here.

When we returned home, we started receiving notifications that residents had started registering their interest both on our website but also on BT Openreach’s.

We look forward to having a strong support from the local residents to help persuade BT Openreach or Fastershire to invest in our area.


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