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Here are some we have received via email:

“I would like to have the opportunity to choose my internet provider for superfast broadband instead of having no choice but to use Virgin media.”

“Broadband is stupidly slow and back this campaign.”

“Internet speed is a joke in our house. So glad to receive your campaign flyer.”

“Would be good to give Virgin a bit of competition and improve speeds for others!”

“About time we got faster broadband as I spend a lot of time working from home and slow connection to the internet makes my work time less efficient.”

“Good for you taking this on. We’ve been gobsmacked at the appalling internet access since moving to this lovely area. We’re happy to support this campaign.”

“I’m confused why both BT Openreach and Fastershire don’t have plans to bring FTTC service to our area. There must be sufficient interest for it to be worth upgrading the cabinet. Having a speed of 1.6Mbs is not sufficient and it is frustrating when the average speed in the UK is above 14Mbs. Hopefully the campaign will show there is sufficient interest for either company to invest. Thanks both to the residents who started this campaign and those who support it.”


2 thoughts on “Your Comments

  1. David Coleman

    My download speed is currently less the 1Mb. Upload is 0.1Mb. I was considering going self employed and working from home but this is simply not possible with my current internet connection. There is nothing faster on offer. With more services being solely online based a fast internet connection can no longer be considered as a non essential service.


  2. Steve

    I don’t live in Cheltenham but I suffer from the same problem as you. I live in Welling, Kent and our cabinet is “Kidbrooke PCP2” it’s not been upgraded to FTTC because of problems with underground services.
    Also a new housing development is being built next to the cabinet, surely this has to be looked into as well!

    Do you have any contacts (BT/MPs) that can help?
    How do you find out what streets are connect to a cabinet?

    I had contacted BT and the response is below.

    The telecoms cabinet which you are enquiring about Kidbrooke PCP2. We have experienced difficulty deploying the Fibre Broadband cabinet (DSLAM) and have deferred its deployment.

    When planning our deployment, we must ensure that the DSLAM is located within 100m of its associated telephony connection cabinet and that there is adequate access to power and existing telephony infrastructure. Also, ensuring that the cabinet does not obstruct pedestrians, or provide a danger to road-users. To further enable the location of the DSLAM, we must accurately survey for other utility underground structure and obstacles, we have unfortunately been unable to find a site which satisfies the above criteria.

    Please note :- It is not possible to move your service to another cabinet, this is because the telephony network over which fibre broadband runs is bespoke. As such, all premises are served from dedicated distribution points which are connected via their own underground duct network to the telephony cabinets. There are no interconnections that can be utilised to give fibre broadband services between these cabinets, therefore, I’m afraid we technically can’t move your service to another cabinet. In addition, it is not Openreach policy to rearrange the network to enable services where they are not currently available, which is what would occur if your service was moved.

    I appreciate it is frustrating but as we are unable to find a suitable location for the DSLAM we are not able to provide service to your PCP on that basis.



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